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It's time to get to the root cause of your weight gain/loss and health challenges so you can finally get better.

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You may have just landed on the only clinic you'll ever need to finally feel better. We specialise in helping those who have tried everything and still aren't at the level of health they desire. If you're ready to do what it takes to get well, we can help you.


Our Approach.

At nu:yoo, we take the teachings of Functional Medicine and customised them for nutrition and lifestyle counselling. Our systemised approach allows us to find the source of your suffering and create a tailored nutrition and lifestyle solution for you.

We work from two basic truths:

A. You are unique.

How you feel, and your symptoms, are the way they are today because of several factors which are unique to you. You do not fit into a formula. You are not a statistic. You are a person with a specific history, body, and lifestyle.You also have goals and dreams that are unique to you. We work with all of these factors to create a taylor-made plan for you.

B. There are likely many root causes to your symptoms.

Dr. Dale Bredesen, Alzheimer's researcher coined the term "36 holes in the roof" to describe chronic illness. There are many factors that contribute to your suffering, and we need to address them all. There is no magic pill or protocol that will help you get well. We need to find all the holes in your particular roof, and close as many of them as we're able. This is our commitment to you.


What makes our therapeutic approach 'work'?

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We recognise that you are a person with unique needs. Rather than trying to fit your symptoms into a statistical formula, we take the time to get to know what is really going on in your body and your life.

We use a specialised counseling approach that looks at all aspects of your history and your health, and our process gives us a deep, intimate understanding of what makes you, you. This allows us to use the most effective therapeutic plan to meet your goals.

There are four steps in our unique process:

1. We help you remove the top inflammatory offenders in your diet and lifestyle. We call this “clearing the fog” This step reduces systemic inflammation (the cause of so many symptoms) and helps us see what is happening in your body that is unique to you. We consider this a “non-negotiable.” Without taking this step, it’s hard to go to the next level of treatment and care.

 2. After we clear the fog, we focus on the remaining symptoms. We take a careful history, listening to all aspects of your story, in order to identify triggers and root causes in your past and present life. Through this process we also aim to address any deficiencies that might be getting in the way of your healing. These may be nutrient or lifestyle deficiencies.

 3. We work with you, considering your current situation and life demands, to create a custom plan that fits you and evolves with your progress and your needs.

4. We hold your hand all the way! That means partnering with you and any other providers on your healthcare team that understand the need for a collaborative approach. We ultimately believe that today’s health challenges are best served by practitioners and patients working together. You shouldn’t have to go through this alone!


Note: Our work is most successful with people who are willing to make significant changes in their diet and lifestyle in order to get better.

To ensure that functional nutrition is the best way forward for you, please let us know how to reach you!

Then we'll be in touch via email with our next steps (no commitment required). We want you to be able to find the resolution that works best for you!

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